DTEKNZ is a non profit organisation managing family-friendly, environmental clean ups.


We love our oceans and beaches.  
We spend a lot of our free time removing rubbish from our beaches - in and out of the water as well as raising awareness on how to be a tidy Kiwi. We are all about setting an example and looking after our environment for future generations.

Our inter-generational approach and focus on family is what sets us apart. Even if one of our Admin team can't make it to an event-for any reason, then that's fine, because health, happiness and family comes first.

DTEKNZ is about us giving back to the land and the sea.
It is about respecting and sharing the environment sustainably, so that future generations can enjoy the rich lifestyle New Zealand has given us. We believe that by including families and kids, we can uphold and provide the values of respect, responsibility and sustainability.


Who we are.

DTEKNZ is a community-focused, not-for-profit group, empowering New Zealanders to improve the environment and the values, which underpin our families today.

We are not activists.

It's very easy to become emotionally-driven by what we see around us, it is easy to become angry, disillusioned and frustrated by lacks of response from the powers that be. Yes, most of our team hold some pretty strong views and would quite happily go out there and chuck a brick or two-but that really isn't the answer. We don't fight the cause, we will get on with the job ourselves and show the next generation that by working together we can bring about change in a co-operative, sustainable and peaceful environment. Peace.

Think Kiwi – Act Kiwi.

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DTEK is not about us. it's about you.
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