keepin' it clean.

We host 4 regular public events each year

Our public events allow us to network with groups, individuals and the local community.

Monthly tactical events

Our team regularly identify areas in need of a cleanup and we receive photos and invitations from the community, who bring other areas to our attention. We usually do a cleanup every month and you can find details for these on our Facebook page!


Events gallery

We try to record each event as we do them, but some of our earlier events weren't captured on film, so here's a taster of what we do...enjoy and get involved!

Henderson Creek-Closed event

This event was actioned by senior members of DTEK with the necessary health and safety certificates for working in potentially hazardous environments. Our commitment to keeping our backyard clean and safe is unwaivering and we worked alongside ARC to achieve a safe and thorough cleanup of this area of West Auckland.

Eastern Bays & Beaches, Auckland

Even a nasty weather forecast in November 2019 couldn't stop our crew and members from rolling up their sleeves to cleanup this huge swathe of coastline around Auckland's eastern bays and beaches. We pulled out a couple of tonnes of rubbish from here in just a few hours and it was great to see that many of these areas were being looked after by locals as well!

Whangaparaoa Peninsula

This event was a public community day, where everybody worked tirelessly to clean a massive area from Red Beach and right around the peninsula

Huia Coast, West Auckland

A huge turnout from many locals and the DTEK crew, this is one of our cherished local places, we won't see this area getting trashed if we can help it.

SOS Henderson Creek 
Te Atatu, Auckland

A great example of DTEK working alongside community groups, authorities and locals to help clean our waterways. Between us we cleared out more than 2.5 tonnes of rubbish. Absolutely disgusting and what's worse...we could only get about 1/3rd of the crap that's dumped into these precious waterways.

Murrays Bay, Auckland

One of our collective stomping grounds and again an area of outstanding natural beauty, which is safe for kids.

Ngamotu Beaches, Taranaki

We are proud to have a dedicated DTEK representation in Taranaki. Let's do this!

Wenderholm Beaches 2

One of our original cleanup regions, Wenderholm is a beautiful area and we are all committed to keeping it clean and safe for the generations to come.

Long Bay, Auckland

With a high volume of traffic and visitors to this precious spot-poor old Long Bay gets a hiding from many of those visitors. We simply won't stand by to see this get trashed.

Huia Coast 1

The Huia Coastline is spectacular and boasts some fo the best kai available in the region. If we want our kids to enjoy the rich lifestyle NZ has given us, then it is our duty to roll up the sleeves and keep this area beautiful.

Wenderholm Beaches 1

This is one of our original events, where we realised that it wasn't just DTEK doing the hard yards-we were joined by many locals, who all pitched in to keep this place special and to set the example to our next generation.

Generation Next

We are totally in awe of the awareness the next generation has of the issues facing society today.

It's our duty as parents, caregivers, role models and Down to Earth Kiwis to make sure we don't wreck this planet.