Our sponsors and supporters are our lifeline.

Without their help, we would find it extremely difficult to get the job done.

We don't need to ram names down your throat, but we do ask that you consider our core sponsors as a first option.

Sponsor or supporter: which one's right for me?.

Sponsors contribute to our events on an annual basis and enjoy association and a presence at every event. Sponsors generally provide critical products or services for our events and we actively cross-promote their brands via our social media activity and at our events.

Supporters contribute to our events and some contribute on a regular basis, either way, their support is invaluable! 
Supporters are generally brands who provide logistics, products, prizes and services for our events.


Events: How they work

Our events are sponsored nationally and are complemented with regional local support. We manage 4 annual major events and we respond tactically to call-outs from the public, who let us know locations of concern. Our sponsors contribute to each event on terms we have all previously agreed to and we canvas for local support in those areas.

Networking with local community groups and businesses is essential to the success of these events. Ongoing local supporters are the backbone to sustainability, since it is these local groups who sustain these cleanups once we have got the ball rolling.

Wanna get involved?

We don't jump at every opportunity to bring someone on board as a sponsor or supporter. We carefully consider our own parity with their products and services because we don't want to risk our own reputation or theirs. We firmly believe in collective co-operation and down to earth values, so if you feel you'd like to be associated with us, we absolutely welcome the opportunity to connect and discuss some clever ways you can be involved! See below some great ways you can be involved and elevate your brand.

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Tier 1 Sponsorship

Tier 1 sponsors make a regular commitment for events. We discuss the various ways you can be involved, then work out a commitment schedule and annual plan that suits us both.

Levels of commitment vary between sponsors and if you prefer, we will also guarantee there is no conflict of interest for your sector. 

Trailers or vehicle

We utilise trailers to ferry collected rubbish from points across each event. We currently beg and borrow these most valuable assets from our membership, it is a priority for us to be able to provide regular trailers or vehicles for the public and crew collection teams.

Talk to us if you feel you can help!

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Events: Food & drink

We are always on the lookout for businesses who can help provide food, water, sunscreen, water bottles and just about any other form of food and drink for our family-friendly community BBQ's, which close each event (no alcohol though - sorry!)

Kids prizes

Teaching by example is one of our values.
We warmly welcome kids of all ages to our events. Each event culminates in some kids games and kids prize giving. Kids are our future, so if like us, you believe in setting a fine example for generation next - please reach out to discuss ways you can be involved.

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Printing & promotions

Running an NFP organisation is difficult enough, but add to that the cost of flyers, signs on beaches, event posters and way finding signage, flyers for the public, screen printing merchandise, website etc....and you can probably see that we invest quiet heavily in our event promotions and general merchandise. We would love to hear from anyone able to lend a hand by providing any of these crucial services.

Events: equipment

Our events utilise a LOT of equipment - from BBQ's to trailers, gloves, hats, marquees, storage bins, food containers, chiller boxes etc. If you can help out by providing any items such as this-touch base and we'll have a natter!

Te Atatu. SOS Riverclean